Scoring: Choose any number 1-10.
10=Very     5= Somewhat     1= Minimal
18 Questions


    1. How On Your Game do you think you are?

    2. How clear are you top Goals?

    3. To what extent are daily decisions made with your goals in mind?

    4. On an average day, how well do you sustain focus to achieve your chosen tasks?

    5. How often do you feel effective, empowered or validated by your performance?

    6. To what extent are on-game choices such as sufficient sleep, healthy eating, and time with meaningful people, regular habits?

    7. How satisfied are you with your current level of performance?

    How  Well  Do  You  Manage  Off-Game  Impacts?

    8. How often do you notice off-game impacts (anything that challenges your achievement) throughout your days?

    9. How often do you decide to manage (or remove) an off-game impact?

    10. How often do you take action to manage an off-game impact?

    11. How readily do you take action to manage the off-game impact?

    12. How often do you manage off-game impacts before they become long-term challenges?

    Are You Victimized By Common Off-Game Patterns?

    The Busyness – Achievement Loop

    13. How effectively do you manage daily stressors?

    14. How effectively do you manage distractions throughout your day?

    15. To what extent do you limit or manage your use of technology throughout the day?

    16. To what extent do you actively notice and manage your emotions throughout the day?

    17. To what extent are important priorities supported by daily patterns?

    The Profession Versus Passion Loop

    18. To what extent do you make sure meaningful goals or interests aren’t left behind over the long term?

    19. Please tell me about you: Approximate age, education level, profession, gender, zip code. THANK YOU!

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      Overall (On Game Boosts + Pyramid Foundation):

      3. What level of performance 1-10 do you achieve when you're on your game? (10 high, 1 low)

      8. What level of performance (1-10) is most common for you on an average day?