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Do You Truly Understand Your Customers’ Experience with Your Product or Service?

Here’s a hint…it’s performing a service, a specific job relevant to their life. You must know what these jobs are, their importance and how well satisfied they are so your company can fulfill them better than competitors.

This creates strategic advantage and fuels growth.


Marcy Axelrod is known for her unique approach to grow her client’s business.

She and her expert team of former CMO’s and leading thinkers build custom approaches for each client. Often engaging in journey mapping, Jobs-To-Be-Done Analysis, ecosystem analysis and many other methods, they synthesize clear, strategic, highly defensible recommendations that clients act on immediately.

Her unique approach published in Forbes, applies journey mapping that relies on the customer’s individual Jobs-To-Be-Done, a specific approach developed by Anthony Ulwick and popularized by Harvard Professor Clayton Christenson.

In addition to the Forbes articles, How To Get Started Using Customer Journey Maps, and Customer Journey Maps In A Multichannel World, more detail is shared in in her Marketing Journal article.


Marcy and her team engage executives from your industry, people such as former CEO’s and CMO’s, trade association leaders, and others, to quickly extract insights needed to make important decisions.

This information is synthesized with detailed customer journey surveys, ecosystem analysis, competitor and trend research to develop a rich understanding of what customers are trying to accomplish, how they define success, and how your company can quickly grow its business.

Marcy’s team makes it crystal clear what is needed across your customer segments, and their specific journeys. The fact basis for her team’s recommendations make them irrefutable.

My entire executive team agreed the moment we saw the data. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen. No debate. No detractors. The process unified us. We got moving on the recommendations immediately.

CMO, Healthcare Company


Recommendations are crafted at the individual journey level. You can now satisfy customers when and how they want to be satisfied.

Looking to support your business in other ways?

In addition to journey based work and Jobs To Be Done approaches, Marcy’s team offers expertise across Marketing Strategy and related areas.

Other areas of expertise:

1. Content Marketing
2. Marketing Strategy
3. Operational Effectiveness
4. General Strategy

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