Why? Because it adds structure. And structure adds effectiveness.
My research shows we notice off-game impacts all the time, we just don’t do anything about them!

Frustrated about something?

  • NOTICE what you’re feeling and why.
  • DECIDE which option is most productive- just the small next step.
  • ACT on it.

Still pissed? I doubt it. Feeling effective? Capable? You bet!

And all from using a simple process to turn unstructured thoughts and emotions into productive action.

Simple processes allow us to push the “Easy Button” on our lives. They give us direction. This is especially important when confronted with challenges.

So next time you feel something particularly good or bad, view it as the start of your On Game ritual. Dive into it. And Notice, Decide, Act your way to more goodness in your life, and fewer obstacles to achievement.

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